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Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible

Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible

Author: William Wain  /  Categories: Owners Reviews, Bentley  /  Rate this article:
Exactly 12 months ago to the day I was facing a dilemma. I felt it was time to replace my faithful Mercedes 63CL AMG which had served me so well as a day to day car, but what was I to replace her with?

Her replacement had to be capable of transporting two of us (and the occasional visiting grandchild) safely at speed but also needed to satisfy my inner need for that ‘wow’ factor. I already had a prancing horse in the garage so this car needed to provide something more than just looks and speed. Something told me that perhaps I should also try a convertible as I love to drive to the South of France each year. The ‘potential’ list was shrinking and was narrowed down to one when a friend gave me a lift in his Bentley Continental GT. After a few test drives it became pretty clear that it had to be a black on black Bentley Continental Speed GTC.

600 horses with 553 lb-ft of torque, capable of running to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 200 mph ........................just the job!

Twelve months and nearly 26,000 miles later my Bentley has ticked every one of my thrill boxes and just keeps on giving me a smile.

The Bentley has a stately quality that makes it restful to drive yet it also has boundless power. It is a triumph of polite powerfulness.

The exhaust note is normally a muted growl, but there’s a pronounced burble on the overrun. The gearbox is superb, whether one opts to use it in automatic or manual mode, with precise, beautifully smooth gear shifts.

I use this car every day and I'm not going to bother dealing with the "how green is it question". It isn't at all. In town driving I’m lucky to get 12mpg but take it on the motorway with a lightly managed right foot I can get 23mpg. Service costs run at approximately £900.00 per visit and to date the only niggling fault has been the battery which has on two occasions run flat when left at the airport for a lengthy period; fortunately the car has a reserve power supply for such eventualities.

Having covered 26,000 miles in the past twelve months I think it’s fair to say that I have a really good feel for this car. It is surprisingly easy and comfortable to live with. It isn't as big as it seems. It handles more lithely than I had expected and it is even surprisingly easy to park - with front and rear sensors and a nifty reversing camera.

In short, I didn’t buy the Bentley Continental Speed GTC for its performance alone. I bought the car because it can run with the big dogs when requested and pamper like a proper (stately) Bentley the rest of the time. Put another way, the Bentley Continental Speed GTC is the gentleman's supercar.
Manufacturer Statistics
Engine (cc) 5998
Cylinders W12
Power (hp) 602
Torque (ft-lb) 553
Top Speed (mph) 200
0-60 (secs) 4.5
0-100 (secs) 10.6
Standing 1Km (secs)
Weight (kg) 2485
Economy (mpg) 17
Owners Scores  (10)
Performance 9
Handling 6
Street Credibility 8
Servicing 7
Economy 5
Insurance Cost 5
OVERALL (60) 40

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